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EM-O Industrial Manufacturing Corporation, located in Manchester Industrial Subdivision, Novaliches, Quezon City, was founded in 1989 as a manufacturer of sports and casual shoes made in Philippines. Currently, the company caters to various channels such as a manufacturer of canvas shoes, slip-on shoes, sneakers, PE shoes, rain boots, shoe soles, and franchisee of Superman’s, Dora the Explorer’s, and Garfield’s Children’s Shoes. Advan shoes philippines.

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Current Brands We Are Working With

Previous Brands We Have Worked With

More Than Just Your Regular Shoe Manufacturer

Aside from Sprinter, Superman Children Shoes, Dora the Explorer Children Shoes, and Garfield Children Shoes the company also manufactures Rain Boots and Shoe Soles. The shoe soles are sold to various shoe supply stores in the Philippines.

Sprinter, Superman Shoes, Dora the Explorer Children Shoes, and Garfield Children Shoes are available in major department stores such as Shoe Mart (SM), Ever Department Store, Metro Retail Stores Group Inc., The Landmark, Alturas Group of Companies, KCC Malls, Gaisano group of stores, and numerous shoe retail stores in Philippines.  

Where it all Started

It all started in 1989 with Shu Pao (famous Taiwan energy drink) as the original brand name. The brand was recognized by customer as it sounded similar to the famous dimsum siopao. Because of this, the company renamed the brand to what we know today, Sprinter (English translation of Shu Pao.)


The company aims to produce and supply shoes made in Philippines that are affordable as basic commodities yet as aesthetic and durable as leading brands.


The company vision is to become one of the leading and competent suppliers of footwear brands in the Philippines.


Affordable, Yet Aesthetic

2nd time to order the same product.. Same quality.. ang ganda talaga. super comfortable to wear in affordable price.. 😁
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